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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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in washington, i am ray suarez. ♪ welcome to al jazeera america. i'm dell. these are the stories we're following for you. >> the juvenile went down a hallway and was flashing two knives around and injured people. >> a stabbing spree at a high school near pittsburgh. many of the wounded now said to be in serious condition. tense times in eastern ukraine. and the president now on his way to a memorial service being held in texas today at fort hood.
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it has happened again. 20 people injured after a student goes on a stabbing spree in pennsylvania. it happened at franklin regional middle school in murrayville about 20 miles east of pittsburgh. the suspect is in custody. three of the patients right now undergoing surgery for life-threatening walkeds. roxana saberi has been following all of the developments. she joining us now. >> a 16-year-old boy was flashing two knives around when he injured 19 students and one school police officer. doctors say the victims are all expected to survive. authorities have not yet named the suspect but say he is a student at the school. students were riving for classes or in classes already when the stabs began after 7:00 this morning. they took place in numerous
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classrooms and in hallways. we spoke to a student who said he knows the suspect. >> he was a quiet kid. he was nice. i mean i -- i don't know him on a personal level. like we would talk. we were on a hockey team together. but absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe that this could happen. >> we also heard from a doctor at forbes regional hospital. they are treating eight victims three are serious injuries. >> three of those patients had severe injuries and are actually still in the operating room right now. two of those patients are in critical condition but have stabilized. the wounds were all knife wounds. most of them were to the lower abdomen, and they seem to -- to actually almost have a pattern, most were to the right lower abdomen, and that created some
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of the criticality of their wounds. >> all of the victims at forbes hospital are male and between ages of 15 and 17. and del, the authorities have not yet determined the suspect's motive. >> and the doctor saying he was an obgyn and delivered many of the kids we was treating. russian troops are massing along the ukrainian border. both the u.s. and the eu voicing fears of an invasion. which russia at this time is denying. many say they want to separate from ukraine just like crimea. kim vannel has our story. >> reporter: the interior ministers ultimatum giving protesters 48 hours to leave state buildings in eastern ukraine either by anything
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associate or by force is putting the pressure on the people here in donetsk. overnight police arrived in a plus, about 20 or so unarmed and protesters tell us those police had come to defect. the regional governor is here speaking to both sides, and we have seen a oligarch here in ukraine, the richest man in the country is in town as well. the negotiations are also ongoi ongoi ongoing -- in lieu hands k. those protesters tell us that they are still armed and in control of that building. so i think now with this ultimatum it will really be a question of what kind of a deal both sides can come to, both protesters and police obviously
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very keen to avoid any bloodshed. >> we want to go now to phil ittner who is in london, and phil when you were on the ground in kiev you were among the first to report that russia has been behind all of the protests we are seeing, but russia is now blaming the us. so what should we make of this latest war of words? >> that's right. there has been a lot of finger pointing going on as to who might be behind the protests. russia saying there are america contract security force out there some with reslains to the famous black water group. in that has been denied by u.s. officials as the american contracting companies. kiev has been saying they are aware of provocateurs in the
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east of the country, and they said we are expecting them to be putting people out there, paying people, agitating to create a me text much as they did in crimea and georgia as well in 2008. so the question is, are these really natural occur -- or cure answers? >> and the russian foreign minister saying they will talk with officials from ukraine. so what should we expect from that? >> well, we do know there are talks being set up somewhere in europe some time next week, supposed to be four party talks between the european union we thus with john kerry being in attendance, the russian foreign minister and the ukrainian foreign minister.
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sergei lavrov has backed off a little bit, and saying he will attend if the ukrainians start to take in to account the wishes of the regions and various ethnic groups inside ukraine. clearly that is a reference to the east and to the ethnic russians out there. moscow would like to see a federalization, so there can be governors in various parts of the country, more autonomy, and many critics say that that is just another attempt by moscow to create a situation so that they can have their puppet governors out in those important parts of the country that they would like to see under their control. >> phil thank you very much. israeli prime minister saying that he has now ordered his negotiators not to meet with
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their counterparts. john kerry suggested on tuesday that israel was to blame for the breakdown in negotiations. lisa what exactly did kerry say about the israelis that they are now walking back? >> del, kerry was testifying on capitol hill and asked about the ongoing peace process, and kerry did say that he felt both sides had taken unhelpful actions, but he also said the event that lead to the brink of disaster now began when israel decided not to release the fourth group of palestinian prisoners. >> unfortunately the prisoners weren't released. so day went by, day two, day three went by, and then in the afternoon when they were about to get their 700 settlement
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announcements were announced in jerusalem and that was the moment. >> the israelis were not particularly happy to hear secretary kerry say that. they said they are deeply disappointed that kerry would blame israel for the near collapse of these talks. >> and where does this leave now the talks? >> they are clearly on life support. later today the israeli foreign minister will be meeting with secretary kerry here at the state department to discuss where things stand. but the palestinian prime minister has gone to an urgesy meeting with the arab league. when kerry started these talks nine months ago, he gave himself a self imposed deadline, and that was at the end of this month. >> lisa thank you very much. at least 23 people are dead, dozens more wounded in pakistan. a massive explosion ripping
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through a fruit and vegetable stand in islamabad. >> reporter: a farmer's market was packed with people when the bomb exploded. police say at least five kilos of explosives were hidden in food carts. dozens of people were killed. many more were injured. the government has been holding peace talks with the pakistani taliban since february. the taliban declared one month ceasefire in march, but has released to extend the deadline. in a statement the taliban denies any involvement with wednesday's attack, but there are splinter groups who are opposed to any agreement with the government. pakistan's interior ministry has
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issued warnings of additional attacks. on tuesday a bomb ripped through a train in the capitol, killing more than a dozen people. a separatist group called the united liberation army claimed responsibility, warning of more attacks. pakistan has been ungulfed in violence for over a decade. wednesday's blast illustrates the task is a difficult one. >> president obama set to take part today in a memorial for the victims of the fort hood shootings. the president and first lady set to join soldiers and family members to pay tribute to the three soldier who was shot and killed by ivan lopez last week. >> the president and first lady
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boarded air force one for something that unfortunately has become a bitter familiarity to the president and the nation as a hold. the president will attend the ceremony. it will be largely along the lines of military funerals. there will be playing of taps, a rifle volley. the boot, the rifles, the helmet there that will be approached. obviously a very somber ceremony. and again something that the president is familiar with. the first ever attended by president obama was in 2009 after 13 were killed back in 2009. so a very somber ceremony. the president was already due to
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be in texas for fund raisers tonight in houston, and then at an event at the lbj library tomorrow. but this is something that he is duty bound to do, and something he has done in the past. he'll also meet with the families and the survivors as well. >> mike thank you very much. there was more emotional testimony today from oscar pistorius. he is on trial for the shooting death of his girlfriend back on valentine's day of last year. on this his third day of testimony the prosecutor showed this video of pistorius at a shooting range firing at a watermelon, when it explodes, he compares it to the head.
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>> pistorius sighing the thought he heard an intruder and accidentally shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door. when we return a dire warning about your security online how your passwords and information could be at risk. i'm andrew thomas, buildings and lives were ripped apart by
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the salomon islands flood.
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lou clear
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crews searching for that missing malaysian airliner say they have now detected new signals consistent with the planes black boxes. the transmissions are coming from an area where similar pings were heard over the weekend. the search for the airliner is weeks old and has covered a vast area of the ocean, now officials believe they are much closer to fining out what happened to it. this sonar device can detect the sonic pings sent out by a black box flight recorders. later on tuesday, they reattired the signals twice. >> ocean shield has now detected four transmissions in the same
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brood area. yesterday's signals will assist in better defining a reduced and much more manageable search area on the ocean floor. >> that is vitally important because officials say they can only deploy their robotic submarine once they found visual evidence of wreckage. the operation to find mh 370 is a multi-national effort. the australian government has taken the lead. but the sheer size of their task is daunting. a search area of more than 75,000 square kilometers of ocean in depths of up to 4,000 meters and the flight recorders are not much bigger than a large shoebox. but the australians are convinced they are looking in the right place and the signals they are hearing are from flight
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recorders. dominic kaine, al jazeera. ♪ wall street extending yesterday's gains. the dow is up right now 53 points. investors are optimistic after better than expected profit reports coming out of alcoa. toyota is recalling nearly 6.5 million cars worldwide to fix steering and seat problems. the defect affects steering columns and air bag cables. they say it involves about 2 million vehicles in north america. executives from comcast and time warn cable are on capitol hill today defending the $45 billion purchase of time-warner before the senate. the vice president making his
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case to lawmakers saying it is not going to hurt competition. >> this is not a challenging transaction from an anti trust transaction. our companies serve different geographic areas. so the transaction will not lead to any reduction in competition or consumer choice. >> consumer groups argue the deal would reduce competition and raise prices. ali velshi tonight on "real money with ali velshi" is going to interview this man the president of the world bank. he is going to be talking about fighting extreme poverty and his goal to raise $50 million by 2030 to do so. internet engineers say they have uncovered a major cyber security flaw called heart bleed. erika pitzi is in our news room
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and millions of people have had their pass words and banking information compromised? >> yes, it's pos nl it could be into the millions. because the effects affected are some of the biggest online names. yahoo, tumbler, okay cupid. but let's break down what happened here. you know those little lock icons, let's take banc of america for instance. that lock icon there. well, this so-called heart bleed bug was able to hack past that security feature, and essentially pokes a hole in the company's security system allowing hackers to access information. now what is worse they are able to crack the security code without much detection. the bug has affected a half a million servers over a two-year period. okay. so what do you do? first thing is first, change your pass word. that is if the company you have
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the user and pass word with has addressed the problem. yahoo and okay cupid say they patched the security breach, so it is okay to change your pass word on those sites. but there's actually a test you can do to make sure sites you use are okay. this was created by an encryption consult act. you can see there, all good. banc of seems not effected. but keep in mind this bug is so serious the department of homeland security is urging all companies to update their software. in the meantime, experts are really urging people to be proactive and vigilant in protecting their own information, del? >> thank you very much. when we return a rare find at an archaeological dig in israel.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines at this hour. 20 people were injured after a student went on a stabbing rampage. it happened at a high school in the suburbs of pittsburgh. several students were seriously wounded. the suspect is in custody, the motive at this hour is unclear. prorussian forces in eastern ukraine seizing government buildings in three cities. in kharkiv the situation is over police ousted protesters from a building there. the president and first lady are going to fort hood to pay tribute to the three soldiers killed last week at that base. at least 23 people have died from flooding on the salomon islands. >> reporter: what was a school is now a camp for over 2,000
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people. at night there are 40 in each classroom, so some try to sleep during the day. most here have lost their homes. some have lost members of their family. this man's youngest son was washed away. he found him in the morgue two days after the flood. >> when i saw my son . . . i didn't know what to say. it's something breaking my family that i miss. i lost everything. i lost my house. i lost all of my belongs and even my son. >> reporter: there were more tears on hudson's trip back to his where his house once stood.
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he managed to get as far as that house on the other side of the river, but this was always already under water. his youngest son was slinging on to that. in that tree was his wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and several other children. hudson's wife and 8-year-old son made it, the 5 year old didn't. his body was washed back ashore by the sea the day after the flood. >> we didn't have anybody tell us that this place is not really good, yeah. but only this flood takes everything that we own, and then change our whole lives. >> reporter: the area has flooded before, but thursday was more like a tsunami, flattening everything in its path. at the cemetery they are digging
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graves. hudson buried his son rex, on saturday. ♪ i'm dave warren with the national forecast, the big story today is the fire danger. there is very little rient there. the wind is picking up and the air is very dry. much of the southern plains all the way to the west feeling with this red flag warning. that means the fire danger is high. storm is off of the coast, brought some cooler air in, and took all of the rain with it. now there's very little rain that we're predicting here over the next few days. we really need it out-west, but the storms continue to track up in to canada and then dip south as the cooler care -- air comes
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in. this is the rainfall predicted over the next three days. not much. maybe a few showers in the cooler air over the great lakes. this is over the next three days, total rainfall very little out-west, and the southwest seeing none. just hot and dry there. the wind speeds are picking up. these are wind gusts so close to 30 miles an hour. the wind picks up, the air is very dry, and the temperatures are climbing a bit. 72 in lubbock, texas, and climbing into the mid-60s the further you go. no rain predicted and desperately needed as the drought situation continues there. del? >> dave thank you very much. a rare discovery in israel today. these peoples are from a coffin that was found while digging for a new gas line.
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archeologyists say it is further influence of the pharaohs link to what is now israel. thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. "the stream" is next. >> hi, i'm lisa fletcher and you're in "the stream." you have a problem that you need help solving? the internet makes it possible to pose a question and get answers from others. but is there wisdom in trusting the crowd? my cohost and digital producer, rajahad ali, with all of your


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